Cannot Authenticate SMTP Server for outgoing emails

I cannot authenticate using outgoing email server for our domain which is with Office 365.
I have checked all of the settings and they are running perfectly fine. ANy help please.

Set up an account at SMTP2GO for Syncro emails - works like a charm and bypasses all the auth stuff Microsoft is changing.

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I posted my step-by-step setup here: BYO SMTP Not working with office 365 - #13 by derek.adams

Just to be clear - do we need to setup SMTP to get the outbound emails to work? It seems to auto-reply quickly when a ticket is created. I’m just having issues using the email function within a ticket to send an email to a client. Also even with the SPF I am getting emails going to spam.

I would love to setup a mailbox and was trying to but because I am on office 365 with Security defaults enabled I can’t do this until Syncro sets up OAUTH authentication for us.

Does the SMTP work better for certain things? I couldn’t quite get a clear understanding of why we need to setup the SMTP server as the instructions don’t tell you what advantages that gives you. Just thought I’d give it a try to see if it allows emailing out directly from tickets.