Canned responses no longer working since HTML implementation

This is no bueno… Is anyone else having this issue?

We have the same issue on our end. We called in and reported the issue today as well.

Hi All, the dev team is aware and actively working on this issue.

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Why was this not tested before the rollout? Come on guys. Please test before breaking stuff.


Yes, same issues here.

Same here,
Can we go back to the older way so we can use the canned responds until its fixed ?


My current work around is to select the Canned response then refresh the page to force that " Restore previously entered information?" message at the top to show up then pressing restore populates the text field with the canned response.

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Thanks, that does work! It looks awful because it wraps all the text, but at least it gets in there…

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Great, worked for me also
thank you

Your request was granted! :wink:

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Looks like it’s broke again but in a different way!

Still having this issue even after they reverted their html changes

Also having this issue.
Duplicates text for the canned response, once in text and once in html.
Also breaks formatting for original text that was typed prior to using a canned response.