Can we use Syncro to push scripts to Macs?

I’m needing to push the Cylance agent to my new customer (first one with Macs). Any help?

Are you asking for a script to do it, or just asking if it’s possible on macOS through Syncro? Your thread title makes it seem as if you are simply asking if it’s possible, to which the answer is yes. When you create a new script, there is a dropdown that lets you select Mac Script. So you can script in bash/shell.

If you need a script, I’m sure there are Cylance macOS deploy scripts floating around.

Sorry @mgiordano, my post was a little vague. Yeah, looking for more help on scripting things for macOS. I’m “comfortable” enough in macOS, but by no means a pro. And definitely not on the scripting side. Looking for scripting basics and help for doing just about anything on the Mac side with Syncro, as I just brought on a new client with a few Macs to manage. Right now I’m more concerned with rolling out my AV (Cylance). Just starting to dig into it.