Can We Please have a "NEXT" Option

It’s really annoying having to reload the ticketing page and look for the next ticket. Ticketing systems like Zendesk allow you to move to the next ticket in queue with ease. Can we please add that functionality to Syncro? That will certainly help maintain and stay within SLA’s.

Thank you

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How would you define next in this instance? Would it be based on the default view that is defined (including sort order)?

I suppose it would be next in line based on priority level. Some tickets can be closed right away with providing an informational answer without any troubleshooting needed, so updating, saving and closing and clicking a “Next” button that brings the next ticket into view/queue would be very helpful. I suppose priority level would be the main factor, but even just going from one ticket to another without visiting the list of tickets, finding the next one that needs work, etc would be real beneficial and make life just a little easier, even if it’s only saving a few seconds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to complain, just suggesting a feature I’ve seen in other ticketing platforms that was very useful.

I never view things as a complaint when users think it will save them time :). I was just asking to understand how you envision that working.

On a different note, are you able to just middle-click tickets to open them in a new tab? That way you can just open multiples as needed or just the next one in the queue when you’re done with the previous one?

Yep, absolutely - that’s what I currently do now. Sometimes, Chrome crashes though but then I just restore my previous tabs when I re-open it. It’s definitely better than what we had currently (nothing!) so I’d recommend Scynro to anyone - just wondering if we could put the feature on the Roadmap.