Can not search ticket comments

We need to be able to search contents of tickets


Agreed. Have to use our mailbox to search content.

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100% agree this is vital

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Hi @phil

Please feel free to raise this here: Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community. These are reviewed and it allows for other users to engage and up-vote.

This isn’t a ‘feature’ request. It must be broken as the search says ‘Search ALL THE THINGS’. Ticket content is a ‘thing’. Please fix this (to be on par with other psa tools)


I agree. what is the point of a ticket system if you cannot find a ticket after it is closed? months later you know you had an issue like that before but no amount of searching will find the previous ticket. :frowning:

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Strongly agree. It does not affect us as much because we maintain a O365 mailbox with all our incoming and outgoing communications in it.

But the fact that we have to mitigate this clear shortcoming of the system is one of the things other MSP’s in my professional group ask me about when they are considering a PSA switch. When I tell them no, Syncro does not search all the ticket comments, its always met with a “HUH??”

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Until youur office 365 mailbox gets blocked or doesnt send so i had to swtich to smtp2go and cant search that

Syncro used to let you search ticket comments, but they took it away at some point.

I agree here as well. I do know that this is likely to cause performance issues with the standard “search” box, so whenever we do move toward doing something like this it will likely live on the tickets index page. It is definitely on the radar, though.


@phil Nice to virtually meet you and appreciate all you have brought to the community this far.

Moving this thread over to the Feature Request section and noting this down as I agree as well. One of my priorities as the new Customer and Community Manager here at Syncro is to keeping a close list of the feature request and reporting back on the findings as they are discovered!


Thank you Canden.

We all want to work in one single pane of glass.

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I agree with the ability to be able to search ticket notes, but DEF agree with Andy about not making part of the main search. That main search should remain as fast as possible.

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And rename the main search to, “Search some of the things”

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We really need the ability to search within tickets, without this you cant go back to search for specific tickets with info you know it contains.

Hi @simon1,

This is now a tracked feature request, I don’t have a timeline of delivery but it is on the radar of the team.