BYO Splashtop endpoints disappearing

I havent been able to pinpoint exactly what is going on, but in the last couple days our splashtop deployments are just disappearing/being uninstalled from various customers. Its possibly related to some H121 updates Ive been doing but thats the only correlating factor I can match to the events. Just wondering if anyone else has seen any strange behavior similar to what Ive observed.

Its not a super huge deal but certainly concerning. At this point I’ve had 5 notifications of the splashtop tool being removed. I can still connect via the built-in syncro splashtop but something’s off and wondered if I was the only one.

The notifications are as follows, normally I only see these upon a manual removal. I believe Syncro is running this action.

The computer “*********” (Default Group) was removed by one of the following actions:

  • Uninstalled the streamer
  • Deleted using the Splashtop web console
  • Or exceeded the computer limit
  • The Splashtop Team

This is an auto-generated email. The owner of the Splashtop Remote Support account can turn on or off notification emails at under Account Info > Team .

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We are seeing something similar as well. I opened a ticket with syncro since splashtop is reporting that it is not on their side. Please update us if you get an answer and I will do the same.

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When did this begin for you both? Is it some customers- all assets, or some assets?

@Alexandra This just started happening yesterday. It was one asset for one customer, 2 on a second customer and a single asset on a third.

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Hi @ethan
Thanks for highlighting this. One of our support team members has reached out to you via a ticket as we’ve identified more users reporting this. MC will keep you updated as soon as he hears back from our dev team.

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Im getting a flood of removed assets now. At least 7 new devices were removed over night and into today without any user intervention. Ill look for the support staff updates personally.

Just an update on this issue:

There is a direct relationship between this problem and a manual update to Windows version 21H2. I noticed that our weekly windows updates policy hadn’t been working on assets stuck at 1909 and below. Using the upgrade assistant tool at to manually force the Windows update causes the spashtop assets to remove themselves with some sort of invalid deployment code relationship to Syncro. I’m sure Syncro support has a bead on this by now but I wanted to share my reproduceable steps to initiate this bug. I’ve lost my Splashtop relationship to 12 assets at this point by manually updating to 21H2 (AFAIK, a version Windows Updates doesnt even push yet).

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About the same time as Ethan. I heard a rumor that your team may of came up with a patch to address this within your software. Is this true?

There is a fix being worked on, the latest statement is here: Splashtop uninstalling on Multiple Assets - #11 by Andy

It hasn’t rolled out yet though and is still in the works.

Is there an eta on when the fix will roll out? We keep on dropping assets with splashtop.



FYI Ethan,

As updates are happening in the wild and those that Im forcing, my Spashtop assets are dropping like flies. I do hope these will be restored without having to redeploy endpoints again to create the association. Any ETA would be helpful.

This is probably something better for the feature requests, but this wouldnt be so jarring if Syncro allowed saving the login credentials with their built in spashtop. With Splashtop Business it allows saving credentials and customizing assets.

Thank you Syncro for expediting a fix for this, the bug is proving to be a huge inconvenience at this point.

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It is an active case, no ETA at the moment however. We are treating it as a high priority.

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@Alexandra where are we at on this? Ive lost access to so many assets at this point. This is going on a week now. Please update?

Hi Ethan, the code work is complete and it is now in the review stage. From here it will go to QA then be released if everything looks good.

I have lost everyone with Bring your own Splashtop.