BYO Splashtop - Deployment Package is Invalid

We are seeing an issue with our BYO Splashtop endpoints complaining that the deployment package is invalid, which started this morning. Many of these endpoints (possibly all) were impacted by the other BYO Splashtop issue too. This causes the endpoint to go offline, but doesn’t disappear. Not sure if this is a separate issue or related to the other one.

Hi Moez, do you happen to have a screenshot of that error?

CleanShot 2022-03-29 at 09.57.21

Thank you! Splashtop has some troubleshooting steps for this error listed here:

It could be a license issue, but if your license is not expired then they have further instructions for reinstalling the streamer.

Yup, we did already and it just keeps happening until we remove Syncro and then it stops. So, I guess we do have a solution after all!

Are you noticing any reinstalls happening that you aren’t triggering? There is an issue where BYO is being reinstalled, if you’re affected by this bug it may be reinstalling the streamer and causing this incompatibility. That is my hunch- especially if this started within the last week. The good news is that the resolution for that should be coming soon.

We are also having issues with deployed Splashtop agents. We are seeing an issue with our Deployed Splashtop endpoints complaining that the Splashtop account is invalid! It seems to have started with the 03/31/22 update! It causes the endpoints to go off-line, but doesn’t disappear. A manual uninstall/reinstall will fix the issue but it is time-consuming and ridiculous! The client has to manually use my sos.splashtop account to connect so I can fix your issue! Syncro needs to re-enable their original remote desktop access client so we can manually re-install Splashtop!

I also have a copy of the four logs from the PC (before my reinstall) that I could share but there isn’t a way to DO that with you!

Hi mvachon, if you’d like you can send your logs to and we can take a look at them there. The original remote access client is still here, but Syncro Live was renamed to Backgrounding Tools. From the Asset Detail page, you can open Backgrounding Tools and start a remote session.

For anyone having this issue, can you please confirm that the deployment code in your Splashtop integration app card is valid and links to A.) your account and B.) a folder that exists within your ST instance? I am betting your deployment code is no longer valid.


An uninstall and re-install (of the standalone product) did not help as the moment it re-connects to Syncro it gets changed to a “Deployed” instance and then the error returns! I have modified our Deployment instance and have pasted in the new code to see if that is pushed down and the issue goes away.

Also, since WHEN is the streamer product version installation-specific? As a legacy user, I USED to be able to just download the Streamer directly off your site and input my login credentials and it worked that way for YEARS! Now I have to log in to configure the deployment package every time? WHY?

I tried to directly upload a set of the defective logs but was unable to send a zip file. I will send it to help@ instead.

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We are having this issue as well. We are also having a problem where all previously installed systems are being reinstalled or reconfigured. This has wreaked havoc on us and our clients. We have individual folders for each client and move the assets to their folders after Syncro installs BYO, but recently they are all ending up in the default folder again. This is breaking our client access to their systems (the whole reason we BYO).

Is it possible to integrate with BYO splashtop, WITHOUT Syncro installing splashtop? We have individual deployment codes for each client. We can deploy with a script separately using a custom field where we specify the deployment code, so they go in the correct folders.

The agent requires it to be installed through Syncro so at least at this time it wouldn’t be possible to integrate it outside of Syncro but that may be a good suggestion.

I apologize. I received the proper recommendations via email and just missed it. Thanks for getting back to me.

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