Button to force an Asset sync

There are many things that are triggered off of an asset sync. If I understand that happens about ever 6 hours. That is a long time to wait for some things to correct themselves. Or to verify something is working. We need to a way to push the sync. I use to toggle the policy which would trigger a sync but now with the policy inheritance thing that is much more difficult. Please give us a button that forces a resync.


Agreed. It was on the agenda at some point, but haven’t seen anything in a while.

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There was a script shared on Reddit earlier in the year to force a sync. It doesn’t seem to be in the Community Script Library, but here is the original link: Task - Force Full/Large Sync - Pastebin.com

I’d certainly rather an official GUI button on the agent page to do this though.

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This request has my vote.

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We really need this feature, reporting and scripting is really powerful in Syncro, then we have to wait a day for the updates to filter down to the UI.

If a full sync is needed for every asset, that’s a different issue. Maybe a compromise that after a script is run an asset is updated. There could also be a flag on the scripts to determine which level of asset update will be needed after a script is run. For example the asset rename script may need a full sync, whereas a software install won’t need any sync update.

To be honest, at this point I would happily accept every 3-4 hours, but we are waiting days for assets to check back in, one of our assets has been online for the last week but last checked in over 48 hours ago, cannot see any reason for it.

yeah that’s a different issue. Syncro’s slowest sync cycle is every 6 hrs, with a few things happening on the faster sync cycles. Not checking in once a device is online and passed the “delayed service start” window sounds like internet connectivity issues, or crashed services.

Hi @kent,

Stumbled across this post and wanted to be sure you had the news that the feature enhancement was delivered for the “Sync Asset Data” button in the Actions menu drop-down.

You can check out the release update and KB below for more info.

Yes I saw that announcement. And it is very nice to have this. Thanks

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Now here’s a topic that can/should auto-close. Thanks SyncroMSP for the much-needed feature!

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