Bundled subscriptions of quantity greater than 1

I have 4 bundled products that I use to create my Microsoft 365 protection bundle but when adding it as a line item for a recurring invoice I cannot have a quantity greater than 1 or it gives an error.

So If I have a client site of 20 users, in the recurring invoice I have to create 20 line items of the same bundle, which I’m sure we can all agree is kind of silly. Additionally, given full the description of these 4 products is detailed on the invoice, a client of 20 users creates a 17 page invoice with the same thing repeated.

Surely there is another way to do it? I’m finding the limitations of the invoice system increasingly frustrating as I try to automate more.


You’re running into the same thing I found a while back. I ended up not using bundles, managing those in a spreadsheet for my own tracking and pricing, and creating a plain product in Syncro. It’s not super elegant but at the end of the day, for me I couldn’t care less at this point.