Bulk Ticket Creation

Is there a way to select a group of customers and create a ticket for them in one go?

Example scenario

New Sage upgrade is released. I’m going to task someone with contacting the customer and doing the upgrade but that could be 20 customers. The first part of it is going to be the same so instead of creating the same ticket each times it’d be a huge timesaver to do the initial part in one go

not that directly, in the case of a software update your best bet is a script that validates all the system parameters and opens a ticket under the client against the asset that needs the upgrade.

I’m sure you could also use the api but there would be some benefits to using a script that can validate version etc on an endpoint and open the ticket with all the info and the correct attached assets

Thanks. I’m talking about any piece of work I need to do for multiple customers

I’m only using the software update as an example so it’s not really the sort of things could be used for scripting

Firmware updates for firewalls
Config changes for VOIP systems.
Firewall rules updates when spam filters change IPs

Yeah, unfortunately there is no native way so you have to do it manually or use a script, or use the API to generate your tickets.