Bulk Ticket Creation - Feature Request

As per this thread - Bulk Ticket Creation

There are lots of examples where we have to do the same piece of work for multiple customers

Currently that means creating the same initial ticket for each customer

Would be very useful to be able to select a range of customers (or assets) and select “create ticket”, Enter the initial details and it creates all the tickets

Yes! This is needed. So many actions like this have to be done via API. A web front end is needed for bulk actions like this.

Had it again recently.

Doing a review of customer firewall configs. Ticket needed to show we’ve done the work.
Initial ticket creation would be the same for all of them. Lot of wasted time creating individual tickets

We have had to create an app to accomplish this using the API. Basically pull all the devices to a local DB in pages since you can’t get them all at once, then perform your logic and submit individual tickets again using the API.

I think I’ve managed to get Andy at Syncro to take on board why it’s needed. I’m hoping it’ll appear at some point