Bulk printing invoices - where do I find the result?

Invoices tab; select multiple invoices; select Bulk Actions; click on Print. Where do I find the print job?

Hi @dlevenson,

Please tell me if I’m wrong but it sounds like you might want the Autoprintr logs? Those can be found by heading to ProgramData > AutoPrintr.


  1. Click the “About” icon below the magnifying glass icon.
  2. Click “EXPORT LOGS.”
  3. Enter a filename, such as “aplogs”, and click “Save.”
  4. You will see a dialog that says, “Export successful. Open the logs directory?” Click “Yes” to see where the file got saved.

Sorry, I don’t understand your response.
Here is a video of what I am doing: https://www.loom.com/share/688d516efa9e4061bf226747dfc1ffb7
Where do those print jobs go to? Where can I find them in Syncro?