Bulk Edit other things -- like Priority and Due Date

I have some bulk tickets that get created via email and I do a bulk edit to me and set the Status, but I can’t bulk edit Priority, so I need to do it one-by-one. What else is missing in the Bulk Edit Tickets window that could be added?
Screenshot 2022-02-01 090213

Time entry. I lazily tried to update a ticket from the tickets screen, figured out bulk edit was the only way, but then I couldn’t add time to the public comment, so I was still forced to open the ticket and do it from there.

I need to bulk edit the “Pending ticket charges - Ticket status” back to All (default) on all of my recurring invoices. The selector is present for choosing to add or not add pending Ticket charges, however changing the Ticket status type itself is missing! Please add this in, together with the “Sort pending charges by” option.

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