Bulk action relating to alerts

We can bulk clear but what about bulk running a script on all selected devices?


I’d like to see bulk mute.

We have a script that runs each day and looks for machines requiring a restart. It runs every day, but once we get the first alert, we don’t need to keep being reminded every day after. We mute those for 7 days, but this has to be done per alert, so it would save time to be able to bulk-mute them.


I’d +1 the bulk mute. I have a client that currently has a power outage, and I’m getting alerted every half hour (which is by design, and normally great), except I know this will continue for at least another 5 hours. Would be nice to bulk mute for a period of time.

+1 for both. Being able to run scripts on problem devices directly from the alerts page would save time, especially if it was doable in bulk. Automated remediation is not always the solution for alerts, though it is also very useful.