Build a reporting tool NOT another report

Andy you and the team know I’ve been one of the people asking for better reporting for as long as I’ve been here. But please put a pin in “new shiney reports” and build a reporting tool. (Like Brightgauge ish)

With a proper reporting tool a profitability report like you’ve been working on should only take a couple hours to build.

Key features:

  • should provide an abstraction on top of the DB/API i allow accessing data the way it’s presented in Syncro. ie. Access ticket data all together like in the UI issues of having time, notes and ticket all be separate and have to be correlated by IDs. In other words data ground should be intuitive to anyone who is familiar with Syncro UI.
  • Should have access to all data in the platform
  • Should be able to drill into any data presented, either by CSV table view/export and internal links you the resources referenced.
  • Should allow for basic math calculations on presented data
  • a key assumption should be that no metric will be perfect the first time, so the tool should make it easy to ask a question, and when you get an answer you were not expecting to ask another one.

Ideally would be able to incorporate it into internal/external report builder, and build custom live dashboard.

Just like your devs want observability on what they’re code is doing we need that for everything in our tenant from scripts to tickets, to product lines, etc,etc.

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Would it help, if there was a tool to export all your Syncro data (that is available via the API) and automatically insert that data into Sharepoint lists or Microsoft Dataverse tables?
Then you could easily access it and report on it via PowerBI or PowerAutomate?

This idea isn’t a report builder, but is a first step to getting to that.

Maybe, there are any number of 3rd party solutions that may or may not be able to do this sort of thing. According to @Andy on the last big call he and Ian did the big hold up with leaning into something like PowerBI is that it’s too hard for a majority of their customers, and they are trying really hard to build a platform that an MSP can just sign up for and use and does not require an expensive consultant to come in and build out for it to be useful.

By exporting all data to something Azure you’re potentially getting into more paid services, and a much harder (though much more powerfull) reporting engine. And the data is going to all need to be correlated across all the different data sources.

So yeah better than nothing, I wouldn’t call it a solution to this feature request

No, I wasn’t thinking about Azure.
Sharepoint lists and Microsoft Dataverse are already included in all Office 365 plans.