Breaking down billing by contact location

Client has multiple offices but wants one bill broken down by offices. I am putting assets under policies per office but I don’t see an option group contacts by location for things such as email and encryption? Do I need to create a custom field in contacts calling it location even though that field is already in contacts?

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There is a location field in each ticket however it does not seem to be usable anywhere. Also, it does not directly relate to an invoice as you can have multiple tickets on an invoice. I was thinking that the recurring invoice system needs a rule to select location and create invoices only for tickets in that location field and of course a default flow through if location is not set.

I raised a support ticket about the location field in the /customers API always containing null and there being zero documentation about it.

The response from support was

"The location fields are used for big chain accounts and are not relevant to standard single location accounts. "

I responded with

"Even accounts/customers that have multiple locations are returning null in location_name and location_id

why is this?"

Sadly there was no response from support. :frowning:

Yeah there currently isn’t a way to group contacts that way. The two ways to do it today would be to either add a custom field and use that in your contact counter, or to use locations as additional customers which is beneficial for many reasons, and equally problematic for others, unfortunately.

It’s because this is functionality not relevant to Syncro. In RS you had big chain accounts which was for retail repair shops (RS customers) that had multiple physical locations. You could assign customers to a location when you owned multiple shops. Syncro doesn’t have that concept, but the DB fields are still there.

@andy, there is something here I’m still not clear on, though I’m begining to suspect I’ve been assuming the purpose of these fields is x when they are y.

Is the intended purpose of these location fields to denote the location of an IT service provider that has multiple sites, or are they to denote the location of a customer that has multiple sites?

In the API I believe they were there for RepairShopr users that had multiple retail locations.

Got it, thanks. I wish Syncro was interested in documenting the purpose of the location fields in the API documentation.

Back the original post then as clearly the location fields are unlikely to be of any use…

It may not be relevant to Syncro but it is relevant to your customers which are us. Billing our larger clients is becoming a greater and greater issue. we spend an inordinate amount of time reviewing line items and creating invoices. There is no way for us to currently automate these processes. And to clarify we are not looking for separating by contact but by location set on the tickets.

Splitting it to different accounts has more downside than upside for us. One example: our clients pay us broadly broadly for all their locations with one with one payment.