Breadcrumb feature at the top for Navigation

We need to either have the Breadcrumb feature at the top NAV, or have more control over what happens when we finish an action.

Or alternatively we need more control over what happens when we complete an action. FOr instance when I add my final notes to a ticket and hit “submit as resolved” I should be taken back to the Ticket overview page (or have an option to do that"

When I am done adding all time entries to an invoice, its 3 clicks to get back to Invoice overview (one click is to click the “Open Invoices” button on the invoice overview page, which should be remembered)

If we had the breadcrumbs it would mean no matter where I am I can always get back a level without using back on the browser


If there was the ability to vote on this I think it would get traction. as this request has come up in various forms on facebook every couple months. I think this goes into Syncro’s “Intend to refresh the UI at some point” bucket.