Bluk Printing Asset Tags

How can I bulk print asset tags in Syncro?

You should be able to go to your Assets page, create whatever filter/search you want, select all the ones you want, and then go to Manage > Print:

When I do this absolutely nothing happens other than a page refresh.

Are you using AutoPrinter? I’m on and it works.

Just tested from mine. It opens up a window telling you how many you have selected and then offers to print. Maybe check to see if you have anything blocking scripts that would prevent this window from opening?

No, I’m not using AutoPrinter. Is it required for bulk printing because it’s not required for single asset tag printing.

I get this window also, but when I click the print button, nothing happens except a page refresh.

What happens when you click the print button?

I think it requires it on one machine in your environment, but I’m not positive. When I click Print, it starts spitting them out after a few seconds. It does not present a modal to save or print like some other print options do, so it seems like that’s a feature that requires AutoPrinter.

AutoPrinter - Printing in Syncro – SyncroMSP

I’d give that a shot.