Block ticket creation

We have a client that uses their “IT@domain” for all sorts of silly things. hard to make changes though with the setup, so my question - is there a way in Leads/SMTP rules/Ticket Automations to either force auto-closing tickets, or prevent them from being created at all?

oh, and in automations - if I have 3 conditions, does it act in an “and” or “or” logic?

Hi @gord,

Our filters uses ‘and’ for all the conditions. We are looking to add an ‘or’ option in the future.

You can use Ticket Automation to accomplish the auto-closing of tickets. The ‘Not Updated In Hours’ action along with the ‘Change Status’ action would be a good start. This will automatically change the status of the ticket if nothing has been added to the ticket for the time you specify.

This is kinda important to note, if you are getting effectively spam emails that you want to have auto close ticket automation only runs every hour.

At least from my understanding of that, you will effectively have tickets stuck there until it runs the Hour cycle which at least for me I would rather just close off the bat.

Fair, but time is short these days… i’m happy leaving the timer. :slight_smile:

Have you considered using rules on the inbound mailbox before forwarding to Syncro? We use that quite a bit.

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I haven’t yet, but it looks like it might be something to implement. cheers Gary!