Just wondering, if pushing out BitDefender to “servers” like DC’s etc. where does one apply folder/file exclusions?

If not in Syncro and one does in GravityZone Portal > Policies is this something that is required these days? Does BitDefender have default policies (like BEST or something) one can apply?

This can be done in Gravity Zone, or at least that’s how we do it.

Click on the selected Policy in GZ > Network Protection > General and then select “Application” from the dropdown.

If you want to exclude On-Access./ On-Demand antimalware scanning go to the following location.

Gravity Zone > Polices > Select the Policy > Antimalware > Settings

At the bottom of the page, you will see exclusions.

You can enable “Enable recommended product vendor exclusions” or add predefined specific exclusions. If you want to add predefined exclusions ensure these boxes are selected to add them.

You can also add your own custom exclusions by enabling the custom exclusions tick box.

Here is an article that provides information on the Default exclusions in BEST for Windows

This Article related to the specific exclusions themselves based on the role of the system.

Thank you…exactly what I was looking for…