Bitdefender reinstall tries

Is there a number of times that bitdefender will re install under syncro? I have an asset that as bd assigned to it and did not install. I fixed the issue, rebooted, tried changing the policy to something else and back but bd has not yet installed (it has been a few hours).

It should retry every 2 hours (you can check the logs). You can check the c:\programdata\syncro\bin folder for the installer and try running it manually or deleting it and letting Syncro redownload it, sometimes that works. If all else fails a few times I’ve had to download the full installer (not just the stub small one) from GravityZone.

Hi @rickbergami
I had a look and I did not see a ticket from you on this - If you are still experiencing this issue, please send us more details by creating a Support ticket.