Bitdefender GZ API Question

Is anyone getting malware notifications reported back into Sycnro? We used to get the email and notification in our dashboard but it hasn’t worked in a couple years now. We’ve submitted multiple cases and they are never able to resolve it. Just wondering if there’s something in the API that’s not talking back to Syncro. Syncro is able to talk to GZ whenever we add new machines, so we know that works but I don’t think the API communication back to Syncro is working.


There were definitely issues in the past. Mine just started working randomly a while back and seems to have been reliable since. You can also set the ‘outbreak alert’ in GZ to 1% of endpoints, which effectively means you get an alert for each unless you have over 100 in a company.

Hi Kevin, looking through your previous ticket you had a development case open and it was resolved. If something new is happening we’d be happy to take a look. Are you getting any notifications at all from GZ or is it only the malware ones that are missing?


I used to get malware notifications a couple years ago in Syncro, that seems to have stopped. We do get the notifications from GZ, but nothing in Syncro. I suspect it’s something with the API (we are using an older API I believe) but would appreciate any insight.


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I’ve seen a few others say the malware alerts aren’t coming through, we’ve opened a development case. I’ll get you linked in to that for updates.