Bitdefender/GravityZone Integration

There seems to be a mix-up with my licensing between Syncro and Bitdefender. Using my license key to sign up for the CustomerZone to open a ticket with them comes back with an invalid product key during account validation. I also seem to have two customers (Customer Views) that don’t display my main account, of which not all my end points are getting installed even though I set up a GPO for this. Bitdefender says I have 3 used seats, where I should have many more than that. Is there a way to validate that my bitdefender/syncro integration is set up properly? Can we schedule a meeting for a cleanup of the two consoles to ensure my endpoints are protected. We use Syncro as an in-house IT solution, so there should only ever be one customer listed - my HQ/Office.


Hi @rszablewski,

This one would need a support ticket created l, would you mind doing so and I will surface with support?

Will do, Canden, Thank you.

Hi Canden,

Syncro support team has received my request, and created case number 00160335.









Hi @rszablewski, someone should reach out soon.