Billed term shown on recurring invoices

Half of my clients are asking about (and miss) the notes on their invoices showing the term that the invoice is billed for. A few are actually requiring it show the term before they make payment, requiring us to edit their invoices and update with the month.

Whether appended to each line item, provided as a variable we can write into the invoices (items or notes), or however it would be done. This is needed for accurate and accountable invoicing for clients on monthly managed service plans.


You are not alone. There’s a billing range field but I am unable to find documentation stating how this is calculated.

+1 on this - we’re skating by, but have customers asking about it all the time (i.e. “what is the period this covers”?)

Are you not referring to the variable {{billing_period_range}}?

Heading: Display billing period on invoice


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Yes, this was the solution. Syncro provided me this information last week and I have since added it to all of my invoices.

This is calculated based on the period mode.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 11.30.42 AM

That’s correct! The only issue I have found with the period mode is the inability to generate invoices earlier and have the billing period range start greater than 1 day in advance…

I made a separate thread here explaining the suggestion: