Billed for deleted User - BUG

I’ve started an email ticket, but I’m not getting much traction. I see that email tickets will be given the lowest priority. So, I hope this gets more attention.

I am currently being billed for 1 Remote Access user via Splashtop. However, this user was deleted three months ago.

When I run the Remote Access report in Syncro it shows zero users, yet I keep getting billed for this Ghost user monthly.

My last reply from support said they will no longer issue a bill credit until this bug is resolved. I hope you can understand my urgency with trying to get someone to figure this out.

Hi @cw1,

I will have billing reach out to you directly.

This is still an open issue and now my original ticket is apparently lost to a help-desk migration according to Andy?

How much do I have to kick and scream for a single Syncro employee to take ownership of an issue and see it through to completion?

@canden.hicks Tagging you becuase I dont know how these forums work.

@cw1, no problem let me see where this is.

Hey Corey, to be clear I didn’t say it was lost to the migration. I just suggested sending in a follow up just in case. Looks like Canden is going to check in on this one for you in any event.