Better management of subscription billing

As it currently stands there isn’t great support for billing of subscriptions, and this could be greatly improved/automated for the benefit of everyone.

For example, a MSP sells 365 to a customer. To start with the only way to do this is create a recurring invoice, the adjustments to quantities is a manual process and any adjustments then require a manually worked out pro-rata invoice to be generated.

There is no integration with any providers for this in the first place, however, even for Syncro services such as MAV if a customer doesn’t pay the invoice the service must be manually removed. There is no automation for managing these services which makes it difficult to sell these services in the consumer market without someone manually chasing up these services with consumers and then cancelling the service if not pay, often after another month has been billed by Syncro.

With the addition for nested policies the only method of billing for MAV will be removed, and from my understanding (there’s no documentation for the new “method” afaik) it now has to be done via a custom field in each asset. While this makes sense in the MSP space, it completely disregards any consumer customers