Better Internal Communication

I would really love to see a feature that will allow us to @ different Technician/users when adding private notes. It would make internal communications much more stream lined and keeping better logs on what is happening on a ticket.

For instance on the ticket i may want to comment @Technician " Please remember to yada yada" and then the technician could reply @manager “i took care of this and will follow up shortly” As is stands if i add a private note and the assigned technician gets that email there is no way to know if they read the note or acting on what i said without them having to message me from, teams or email about what was said, so often there is no context for what they are referring to and not log being made.

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Yes exactly what we are missing here that we did have in our previous system. We used Zoho and they had very good internal communication, so when I want to add another Technician or the manager to the ticket I just tagged him @syncromsp (like I was able to do here in this form) and he was notified and was able to share advice etc… on this ticket.

Instead of this feature we now use Slack as a separate platform to communicate on tickets.