Beta feature testers

It would be nice if you could incorporate some of your users into a beta testing environment to work on ideas of new features. I know you have this page, but you have people coming from all directions (billing, remote, tickets, etc). I think the engineers would be less stressed, if you had them separated into different requests categories and working with the community to try out different ideas by engineer assigned to a group (billing, remote, tickets, etc). This would allow your community to help you develop their ideas at the same time testing them out. I know your working on stuff, but from a customer for over 2 years, I have not seen any of my ideas developed yet and starting to feel like they may never happen. Your focus seems to be lately on the ticket system and backups and the remote and automating seems to be stalling lately.

There are focus groups you can apply for. Latest one is here: Upcoming Syncro Focus Group - CSAT Surveys

I appreciate the focus groups, but since syncromsp is community based I would love to be able to see my (and everyones) ideas forming and coming along. I know that syncro’s engineers are always working, but it does feel like what I am looking for in the product is not happening because I don’t know if the engineers are even paying attention to the area currently that I am looking to change. All I am saying by this request is syncromsp has a community of people willing to give time to make the product better. Why not incorporate that into the different areas of syncro and allow the community to interact with the product as it is developed instead of after. I would be willing to be a beta tester, which would allow me to be involved and know the exciting things down the road. My thoughts would be testers for rmm, testers for ticketing, etc.