Because you guys are looking at tickets again

If we’re looking at tickets again ( )… might I add:

  1. The ability to select more than one ticket comment entry for actions such as:
    A) Compressing / merging entries to a single comment
    B) Deleting the comments

  2. Ability to edit comments / keeping the time it was created OR the ability to change comment dates for reason of tracking - but still the ability to edit for readability. Tracking when it was edited would be nice for historical reasons, but at this time - just getting the ability to edit a ticket would be super helpful.

Think it might be a good idea to go back a little on what we have and improve it:) got a lot of new features, I think it would be nice to also flush the ones we do have out a bit more too.

Also, it would be nice to do the following as well:

  1. In Assets/RMM database - it would be neat to have the ability to find duplicated assets that might have the same variable such as the same Serial Number. Asset Searches > Duplicated Variable → Select Variable (Serial Number)


Something more advance that can find items and replace them base on what the end user wants to do: Replace A with B, or B with A, or Keep Both still base off finding duplicates of a given variable.