BDGZ ATS billing issue

Since I started moving my BDGZ over to Syncro I have had a seemingly random issue on when I get billed for ATS licensing. I thought I had figured it out when I realized that call the ATS module, ATC in the policy setting so I went and removed that from my policies. But I am still seeing endpoints that I am billed for ATS that do not have Hyperdetect turned on. Is there a specific place I need to look to see if ATS is actually on? I did not think it engaged unless you had Hyperdetect enabled. They are just billing off the license report, but I can not figure out why some are showing it and some are not.

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Hi Robert! I did some digging around and it looks like ATS is still enabled somewhere. I see the add-on checkmark ticked in your company file.

If you go to the Monthly License Usage Report in GravityZone and export it to CSV, you’ll get a list of companies that have ATS enabled. We pull the number listed here in your Syncro reports so it originates from GravityZone, and this is what GravityZone will bill you for (the bill is forwarded to us.) You’ve got a number of policies so I wasn’t able to go through them all but it may be on a policy that is inheriting as it wasn’t on the base policy that I spot-checked for an asset that had it enabled.

ATS will be HyperDetect which is under Policies > Antimalware > Hyper Detect > “Hyper Detect”

If you go through all your policies and Hyperdetect is turned off on all of them it’s likely that it’s still on the report because it was active in the billing cycle. Though I’d double-check with BitDefender Support on this if needed since I do see that check box marked. I believe Sandbox Anaylzer is also part of ATS. They can help you take a look at your settings if you get stuck.


How do I contact Bitdefender directly for support? I think the issue is tied to a specific policy best I can tell, but I am not seeing what is in that policy that is making it turn on ATS.


You can contact them here: Consumer Support - Bitdefender Consumer Support Center

I was also looking for an easy way to determine that but wasn’t having much luck. I’ll see if they can provide more details on that part.

Heard back from their team and it doesn’t seem there is an easier way to tell where the add-ons are enabled. So you’ll have to look at the assets on the usage report, then pull up the asset and see what policy it’s using, or go through each policy.

Thanks. I figured out the policy that is causing the issue, just do not see why. I am going to recreate the policy and see if maybe something is just hung inside their system that is causing it. I opened a ticket with Bitdefender best I could. What would be extremely useful would be some documentation on exactly how to open a ticket, where to find the codes/license information they are wanting. I just guessed for much of it.

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I did get with Bitdefender support. They were very responsive and pointing me in the right direction and it looks like I have the issue cleared up. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.

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I had a similar issue with one of my policies, But I ended up upgrading all of my clients not using ATS to using it as I think it is worth it. In saying that I did that yesterday and then to day I received my Syncro invoice with the full months charge for ATS so I guess I will query that as $200 for 1 day ATS for 180 odd licenses is a bit steep.

Bitdefender doesn’t don’t pro-rate, so it bills for the cycle. The best time to apply an add-on would be right after your previous Syncro bill. I feel the pain on that one though.

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