BD already uninstall but still showing in Syncro as unmanaged

Any idea how to fix this ? I have uninstall BD and removed it from Gravityzone but in syncro still showing as BD install and unmanaged and Huntress will not recognize the windows defender that is already on.

Hi Eric, have you force synced it? And about how long has it been since you uninstalled BitDefender? IF you want to PM me the asset name I can take a deeper look.

I did force sync already and it was about 40 min ago that I removed Bit Defender. I will PM you the asset name

Thank you! I see that it’s still on the installed programs list, but the Anti-Virus tab has been updated. I believe the installed application list looks at what wmic lists, and the overview pulls from the installed list.

You can check wmic with the following steps in CMD.

  1. Open a command-line window (Windows + R, CMD.EXE)
  2. Type wmic (Enter)
  3. Type product get name (Enter)

If BitDefender is listed here, that would be why it’s showing. If it’s not listed here then it’s possible that this will only update on the overview/installed apps list during a large sync (every 6 hours) - I will look into if the force sync is supposed to update these.

Thanks for the reply. i will look into this later in about 3hrs when my user off from this comp. I will give you an update once I know more.

We all good here.
It sems just takes time to sync. Now BD shows up as not installed.

Thanks for the help.


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Thanks for letting me know Eric! I think it’s safe to say the force sync won’t update certain things that are traditionally handled in the large sync in that case. A little time will be all that is needed :slight_smile: