Barracuda is not great

Over the coarse of the last year we have picked up several clients that have barracuda backup appliance and spam filter/office 365 backups services with them. Those services had to be transferred over to us, no big deal right? Should be an easy process we are basically just taking over billing. Heh, well at least that is what we thought. Wow were we wrong!

  • I’ll start with transferring the clients to us, office 365 backups, to be transferred to us had to be “migrated” to our account, so they basically moved data around which seems entirely unnecessary since this is just a billing change. Let alone the new portal confusion that was never explained to us, and we had to migrate to that new portal as well. This took about 2 months to work through.

  • Invoicing is just ridiculous, we were so frustrated with the office backup migration we had to setup a new product for our clients because backups were not happening. We cancelled services within 30 days and we were still billed. This took 6 months to resolve which is basic math at the end of the day. Oh yea and not to mention that you are locked into a 1yr contract.

  • The backup appliances, should be another billing change right? Nope, they have to mail you a new appliance because it is associated with your MSP account, which in turn, you need to migrate/sync the data from the current on prem device, to the new one. Complete waste of time. So then today, we were setting up a new appliance and it is associated with a different account. We are waiting some information but my guess is that they are going to have to mail us another device. Which is more time wasted.

  • Firewalls - They broke a few firewalls due to a firmware update which they were were aware would brick the device yet still rolled out what the firmware. So now I had down time.

  • Dont even get me started on the confusing software designs.

I generally do not complain about companies but Barracuda over the last 9 months has done nothing but waste our time and create issues. Made us now look bad in front of multiple clients. Maybe other MSP’s mileage is different here, maybe you have good account managers, but that still doesn’t resolve the issues I mentioned above. Personally I’d avoid them at all cost, we will continue to rip any accounts away from them in the future that we acquire. Time is money, and we dont have time for a partner to waste it in this manner. My goal here is to let anyone know of our experiences that is looking to partner with Barracuda.

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We’re a reseller and make good money with them, but we’ve had issues. Random Sales Tax on bills is a problem. I think they got busted for violations and now just add sales tax willy nilly.

We had a client have a Backup Unit go bad, and the two replacements in a row were bad. The third came in without a video connection - had to get a serial cable and use putty. In the 3 device changes, they lost the cloud data and said we must not have been replicating to the cloud.

On a positive note - their daytime support is very good. On a negative note, their overseas nighttime support has probably never seen the products and are reading suggestions out of a database. When you ask for any follow-up answers, you get long holds as they must be asking someone.

There are good margins, but they will burn time on you, no question.

I can say stay away from their firewalls lol.

We use MSP360 for 365 backups works well and is easy to setup.