Backups for Macs

Any path to the Macs for this new SyncroMSP Backup module? I would love to move over 100 Macs from Backblaze to here.



There is an upcoming update to the Mac agent, but this won’t include Syncro Backups. The development team plans to investigate the possibility of including Backups on a future update. Unfortunately, nothing is ready to release in the near future.

Thanks for the update. Most of our business is Macs and we currently try sell many backblaze licenses which works but having everything in one system across OS would really be ideal for us.

Just my opinion, but coming from a heavy Mac shop and former several year client of watchmen which you now own, you guys should really ramp up your Mac side because watchmen has the majority of their clients on Macs as I’m sure Allen would confirm and it would make sense for them to look at SYncro MSP as a viable option but not if it’s lacking in features and beta for Macs.

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