Backups - Failing due to vault storage

Anyone else enjoying this as well?

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Is this using Storage By Syncro or your own vaults?

Storage by Syncro.

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Have you opened a ticket with support?

Yes, but that normally takes 24-72 hours, and I was hoping someone else was dealing with it and knew of a solution.

These are backups, which are critical.

Yeah, backups with no way to escalate to a less then 2 hr response would be a hard no from us. You can get a little more wiggle room depending how you write your sla with your client but assuming you need at least 1 good backup every 12 hours and that when there is an issue it will actually take some investigation etc you definitely need an escalation point to support pretty quick.

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My request was responded to approx. 8 hours later with the following:

a. Is this happening with any of your other customers?

I feel “supported”.


Yes we are seeing that also. Nothing changed in our end just started one day. Also a server reboot didn’t help either.

The final resolution I got was, “Consider the Backups a Beta” and “we’re not charging you for it”.

Thanks Syncro. Thats EXACTLY how one rolls out backup. smh.

What a piece of garbage.

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This along with pricing is why we use acronis for servers and backblaze or crash plan for workstations

Yeah, I was dumb enough to believe no company would roll out a backup option, then say , “welp, it’s broke” when there are problems.

Moving to another backup saas next week and possibly a new RMM, because Syncro’s interface seems to be designed specifically to torture users.

Just don’t move to connectwise or ninja… we recently came from them and they’ve got serious problems as well

Thanks for the info. I’m literally looking into other RMMs this morning.

Ninja seemed ok, but that fact that you can’t get pricing unless you add your info to their list and enjot getting hounded by reps for the rest of your life, makes them a big no for me.

I get the feeling either it is either being replaced or has a major upgrade coming soon. I welcome either :slight_smile:

I’m more irritated that, anyone, anywhere, within any context rolls out an unreliable backup. ← period.

The whole concept is dumb at inception, imo. It’s backups. Something that needs to run reliably.

I’m not sure the use-case of an unreliable backup other than having clients do the QA/Beta testing.


We are experiencing the same with our backups as well. We get the exact same message you have shown in your screenshot across a variety of clients and it is concerning.

With our experience we see that it completes with the warning one night and then completes with no warnings another, and back and forth randomly. Definitely disconcerting… the opposite of what you want with backups.

Connectwise having issues is well documented across the MSP space, but what’s wrong with Ninja?

I just personally don’t like companies that require me to sign up, providing all of my contact information and require a sales call to even get pricing.

I can go back and forth on that one if the vendor is or could offer direct to consumer pricing and offers MSP pricing at a significant discount. This should be a non-issue with someone like Ninja as I’ll never sell my customers on the fact that I use Ninja, but this specific product aside I get the fact that it is needed at times if a company is not channel only.

I don’t know what you folks are ranting about, I think Comet is a swell product, and I’ve received email replies within 24 hours (always with meaningful content, unless they needed more information. If you are looking for a company that offers 2 hour telephone support, you are going to pay dearly for it, and hopefully never use it.

I did some light search on the issue, and the problem seemingly can be ignored, although no-one wants to see failed reports or alerts only to track down and confirm a known issue. If you RTFM, you won’t have to wait 2 or 24 hours for a reply (lol, just kidding)

From Comet Support Site 2/3 down the page:

Error "Couldn’t determine the size of the Storage Vault"

This is a warning only.

Comet checks the size of the Storage Vault in order to see how much data is stored. This information is used for multiple purposes including some health checks (e.g. size should not decrease during an backup) and for enforcing storage quotas.

Most storage destinations (e.g. filesystem / SFTP / …) do not have any quick way to determine the size of a directory, other than to add up the size of every file within. Comet Server does cache this size information in-memory when it is generated, and is able to return a stale measurement. However, around a backup job, an up-to-date size measurement is desirable.

Storage Vault size measurement is a necessary, but not critical, part of the backup process. If it fails, the logs shows an alert warning, the backup will proceed, but quota enforcement and the amount that you bill the client may be wrong.

I’ve been a backup fanatic since the early 80’s. The first thing I learned is that I can do whatever the heck I want if I have a good backup, and today, a have good image or be able to roll back to a snapshot. I’ve evaluated a dozen products in the last year, looking for the holy grail of backup software. It does not exist. Don’t call the product “shoddy” just because it burps or farts once in a while. They all do.

I use my own Comet subscription and Wasabi subscription and have not encountered this error.
Maybe Syncro is trying to cram too many accounts into a bucket, or maybe you have a a few dozen accounts all hitting that bucket at 11:00 PM scheduled backup time. Try staggering the start times and see if that makes any improvement. I wouldn’t advise it, but I think there is a tick box to not mark jobs with errors as failed. It is a heavy handed step for this seemingly minor error that can safely be ignored.

Pound for Pound, Dollar for Dollar, I don’t think there is a better solution. That is why I chose Comet after extensive testing and researching competitors.

My second choice would be CloudBacko software, very low one time purchase for the software.
I can’t stand the sight or smell of MSPBackup its way overpriced, but a solid product and maybe they even have a phone number…

I’m also a fan of Duplicati, which is free. Its an awesome product, but be prepared to spend some serious time wrapping your head around it.

Everybody is quick to start “looking around for another vendor”… I’ve been MSP for 20 years and have used or evaluated ALL OF THEM. (I used to be a RMM fanatic until I fell upon SyncroMSP). Honestly, Continuum FKA Zenith NKA Connectwise was the less miserable of all of them, but it comes as a cost that I didn’t need anymore. I saved $11,000 my first year with Syncro, so I can’t complain much lol.

This reply has not been solved. Why did you mark your complaint as SOLUTION? smh.