Backup file launch.exe being quarantined by Bitdefender

We use Syncro Bitdefender and Syncro Backups. Just had my launch.exe as well as the install.exe being quarantined by Bitdefender. Another user sent a screenshot where launch.exe in the backup folder could not be launched because it’s missing so I think it’s affecting more than just me and him.

Is this something new? We just started using backup 10 days ago so this kind of surprised me.

I can see my detection in the Bitdefender console and could whitelist the file from there. His does not show up in the bitdefender console. I do have EDR and he does not.

So maybe my EDR set off the initial quarantine and alert? And that caused the whole system to learn the file and then quarantine his? Not sure exactly what’s going on.

This is a known issue with bitdefender and comet, the engine Syncro Backups uses.

View this help doc for more info.

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Thank you, didn’t realize it was an actual known issue.