Backup dashboard still messed up

I actually have two tickets in with support and it’s been a couple of months. Getting frustrated. Initially when Syncro introduced backups, I tested it for a while, at least for just simple file backup, and was really liking it. Over time, the dash doesn’t reflect most of the clients status or if it does, the backup date is off. I have some clients that simply just don’t work – they work for a few days then something happens and they won’t work again stating the service isn’t running. Go check and restart, blah, blah, can’t get the service to restart. Other clients fail stating a job cannot start because the job is locked by another asset. Are these being addressed? What’s keeping me from really blowing my top is the fact that we haven’t been charged a single penny for backups — or maybe that’s another bug and we’ll get hit a huge bill soon, I dunno.

These are being tracked yes. I know they have been active some time- the pause on the billing was intentional. The team felt it was the right thing to do until the feature is running smoothly. Don’t worry- this is all still being worked on.

Are we any closer to a solution? There hasn’t been any announcements or updates about the issues with backups. My reports are screwed up and the dashboard is unusable. I’d sure like to fall in love with backups again but the time it’s taking to resolve these issues, I’ve had to go to another solution for many of my backup needs.

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This one is still being worked on, as a number of other backup issues. We don’t have any insight on ETAs, I know it can always change based on the priority of the cases coming in and how many people each case affects. I expect there will probably be an announcement once it’s ready again, and we’ll also update you on your ticket when the fix rolls out. If you prefer another solution until then I think that is a good route for now.