Backing up an entire partition to Syncro Backups

If you try to backup an entire partition, such as D:\, you will get the following error:
Inclusions invalid path: d:\. Please specify a subdirectory.

Inclusions invalid path

You must specify a subdirectory in your inclusions, such as D:\Users. Specifying an entire partition in the inclusions is not supported at this time.

I figured out this night that if you add wild cards, it’ll backup the whole drive/partition. Should look like this:


Yep that’s the current method which should work.

There is a mistake we made there where only the C:\ drive wasn’t intended to be backed up this way, because a few users were making the mistake of assuming that was the equivalent of an image-based backup of the system drive. That was erroneously extended to all drives. That will be rectified with a future update. Sorry about that one.

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