Background PowerShell and log streams

When using the backgrounding tools Powershell prompt the $VerbosePreference (and Debug, and Information) don’t have any effect and I still can’t see the logging output I am 100% sure those functions should be producing.

They fully produce the output in an interactive session on the actual machine and this is displayed in scripts, but for quick troubleshooting checks really need these to work on the console.

Hoping somebody has a workaround or somebody from Syncro can explain this, if not I’ll just have to go and create as a support issue!

Thanks in advance for reading and any help.
P.S. The PowerShell console is generally REALLY great versus other tools I’ve used.

I would avoid using it for debugging/testing, IIRC there are other issues people have brought up before where they’re not getting the output they expect. These are probably all pretty structural and unlikely to be fixed as the backgrounding tools were an addon not developed by Syncro and they haven’t done much work to improve or integrate them any further into Syncro. If you have ScreenConnect, the Backstage option with that is great for powershell testing as it’s a legit shell not emulating or piping output.

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