Azure AD Integration for Customers / Contacts

Usually, when I on-board a customer, they are already using Microsoft 365, and if they aren’t, we are putting them into this solution for email, etc. So it’s very easy to assume that 99% of my clients are going to use Microsoft 365

It would be very nice if we could integrate our customers with their Azure AD instance so we can import and sync contacts with what they have, TO THIER customer account, then of course use this directory as the source of any any contacts that are added in the future.

This could be on a client by client basis. We should also still be able to add contacts to the customer for those that do not have an email address at the company, or who do not have an account with Azure AD if the integration is enabled for that customer.


Hey Mike,

You are not alone in waiting this feature.

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We are looking for the same feature. We just moved to syncro and we are trying to find a way to get our contacts migrated over from our PSA into Syncro.