Average Time to Resolution How is it calculated?

Hello, I am interested in how “Average Time to Resolution” is calculated, also Average First Response Time? Also if this is recorded where can I see the breakdown by a ticket? We have a 1.3 average time to resolution, but I think this time is less. So I am interested in this. Couldn’t find any manual about this.

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Hi Roman! The time is calculated from when the ticket was created until it’s marked as resolved and will be the overall average.

Where can I view the time for particular ticket?

Under Admin > Reports, the Tickets Resolved report will list the created and resolved times for each ticket within a timeframe.

Is it possible to pause ticket time overnight. For example ticket incomes after business hours and just is there for all night, before technician will see it another morning?

I think roman’s suggestion is a good one. It would be nice to have automation either “pause” tickets outside work hours, or the option to have the reports only count business hours.

If you have business hours enabled then this will factor into the calculation and time outside of business hours isn’t counted. The end value is the sum of all resolved tickets averaged over the current month.

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Thank you. can I ask you how Average First Response Time is calculated? What is considered under first response?

The first response would be ticket created to the first email, SMS, or public note communication type that is added to the ticket. The initial comment and private notes don’t count as first responses.

Other changes to the ticket like status changes won’t count either. It has to be communication to the customer.

Our customers create ticket via syncro tray. What about that?

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When submitted from the Agent, it’ll apply a created date/time based on when it was submitted by the user.

I understand, but how will the first response calculated if ticket was
created via syncro agent?

It would behave the same way. The created date to the first response. So that would be the first time the internal tech sends a communication to the customer from the communication section.

Opening chat to computer counts? Just accessing the computer by splashtop?

Those wouldn’t count, it would only be an email, public note or SMS from the communications area of the Ticket.


Thanks, what happens if the ticket is resolved without any communication mentioned above? How first response time is calculated in this situation?

I am new to Syncro and am impressed with the agent. Just getting starting it seems the ticketing and reporting to be less robust than what I am used to.
Average resolution of all tickets is not all that valuable as a metric for me. I am much more concerned with resolution of high priority items. For example, a software install may take minutes to deploy. But a computer issue that does not allow staff to be productive is more serious and may take longer to resolve. It is also a more reliable measure how we prioritize our time.
Bunching all tickets together for a measurement does not provide a good snapshot of how we are dealing with the important issues. How can we report time on just the critical issues?

Good question! Had to test on that one to see. If it was resolved without communication, then the Average First Response Time will not count it. Average Time to Resolution will include it.

Hi David, I wasn’t able to find a good report to show priority x resolution time. I was hoping this would be in the ticket export CSV so you could model it on your own but the priority was not an included column. You may want to post your question as a new topic since it deviates a bit from this thread to get input from other users, or you can post in the Feature Request section.

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback.
I will do as you suggest.

Have a great day.