AV quarantined syncro.service.exe in many assets

A client we support is using Carbon Black supplied by their parent company. Their AV quarantined syncro.service.exe located in the C:\Program Files\RepairTech\Syncro\app-1.0.165 folder. I was thinking of just copying it back in but don’t have any running installations with this version. I tried to copy from a 1.0.167 and 1.0.168 but it did not run, services starts then stops. I can log in via Splashtop and remote Desktop, but Scripts don’t run etc. I wish there was a repair that could be run, it’s about 45 assets. Has anyone had to do this?

CB may be blocking execution. Did you try getting them to restore and whitelist?

It’s whitelisted now, but it deleted that file out of those 45 assets

They won’t restore the items, too much work they said, said for me to reload. I take it uninstalling Syncro with the uninstaller does not uninstall splashtop so I can reinstall it correct? So this would be a manual process if I can’t find a solution

You might need to test. If you have BYO, then no worries. If you’re using the RMM version, it doesn’t remove the Streamer but I don’t know if it kills the session since authentication is handled through the agent.