Automation to Attach a Worksheet to a Ticket with a Specific Issue Type

I am looking for a way to automate adding a malware removal worksheet to a ticket when the ticket has an “Issue Type” of Alert - Antivirus.

We have emails that come in from our managed antivirus product when an alert or other issue is found. We have SMTP rules to assign these to the right customer. I am now looking for a way to further automate things.

I know that we can add a Custom Field Type manually and then have that automatically attach the worksheet, but there also does not seem to be a way to automate setting the custom field type for new inbound tickets either.

Anyone have any thoughts about how we can accomplish this?


I’ve been thinking about the same thing. We’ve had issues where certain tasks have been inadvertently overlooked, resulting in further customer calls to address them. Automatically adding a worksheet/checklist to a ticket would be helpful, IMO.

Any help would be appreciated.


Worksheets can be automatically added based on a Custom Field Type.

Automating the Custom Field is a little trickier though. You can create a Custom Widget that allows the user to select the custom field.

This does mean the user has to go through the widget to submit a ticket, and they have to select the custom field but it is an option.

Thank you for that how-to, but that is not what I’m after.

When we create a ticket (internally by staff or from a lead) and select an “Issue Type,” then I want Syncro to automatically attach a worksheet without us needing to do anything with the “Custom Fields.” We don’t use the “Custom Fields” section because “Issue Type” handles all of our ticket types. In addition, we bill outside of Syncro which requires using two different Syncro reports to gather all of the data needed to bill, and “Custom Fields” don’t export well through those reports.

It appears this functionality we are after simply doesn’t exist in Syncro.



Did you ever find a way to do this? I was looking at trying the exact same thing.

The documentation outlines that it be done with custom fields, so that would be the way to go.

Having it done any other way would be a feature request.

Worksheets do not add for me when we apply a custom field to a ticket.

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This only works when the ticket is created. So if a customer emails requesting a new user and we change the custom field to new user it will not add the worksheet.