Automatically set ticket status to "waiting on customer"

Is there a way to automatically set a ticket status to “waiting on customer” when we reply to a ticket? I would think that would be the norm?

You can set Ticket Automations up for this. Ours post a comment to the ticket and that emails out to the client to let them know that we are waiting on a response. We have one also go out after 70 hours letting them know it will automatically close without any update, and then 48 hours after, it closes.


From Steve Foe on FB today:

This is what I do, easy peasy.


I think I overcomplicated the answer. Brian is right, you just need to hit the arrow and choose the status. It slowly becomes a habit to do it.

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It’s becoming habit for me as well — it’s really a nice little feature. My favorite is “Resolved” after making a note or sending an email :wink:.

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