Automatically End Chats with No Customer Respond after x Minutes

It’s too easy for chats to hang out forever. Techs get busy, don’t notice that no one responded. Then the problem can be the user initiates a chat again days later and it goes to the same tech, who may not even be working. Normal alerts now would only go to that one tech, not the group to be assigned to a tech.

I suggest we have a configurable amount of time where if the customer has responded it will send a notification to them that the chat has been ended because of no response. This is pretty standard in most chat systems, and would be great improvement for syncro.

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So you are looking for another setting when you setup chat (likely per policy) that sends that a chat notification that their chat was closed due to no response?

What’s your policy like there for tickets, and how do you all currently handle that for tickets?

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I don’t know that it needs to be at the pollicy level. I think a syncro instance level is good. Or just ending any chats after x hours of inactivity. We all the time accidently leave a chat open, and then when the customer resumes chat it goes to the last person they were talking too. whether that person is working that day or not.

Well on the last bit chat is to assets and not to contacts. It has to be this way by design. So not really a way to handle a user switch on a shared machine.

I wonder then if the best way to handle that is to just add a notification for runaway chats. Like throw a notification if the chat hasn’t been responded to in X. By design it’s intended to be async chat, so if we did do something here it would need to be a configurable setting for sure.

Let me clarify. A tech has a chat assigned to them. They chat, but forgot to end it. 1 week or two months later the same device starts a chat. It goes specifically to the tech that forgot to close the chat. They may or may not be working, but they get the chat no matter what. Chat’s should automatically end. I can show you if it helps, but does this make sense?

I guess this is two different feature requests, but the latter is probably more important.

Oh gotcha, I thought you meant the chats were being ghosted on the customer end. If I understand you correctly the chat happens and finishes, and the technician fails to close the chat, correct? In that case would a notification in the Notification Center for notifying on a chat that hasn’t been responded to by either party in longer than X be something you’d want to see? I think auto-closing can be dangerous under certain circumstances, so I think limiting to a notification might make more sense. Thoughts?

I think both things happen and could use a good solution.
But yes you are correct. Tech including myself forget to end the chat all the time. Especially because you’re doing 3 different things. Customer doesn’t respond immediately, or you handling multiple chats. I don’t know what circumstance ending a chat after x hours of inactivity would be dangerous. Personally I don’t think another notification for this would be helpful. We all get enough notifications. :upside_down_face: I’d vote for ending chats after a customizable number of hours. Then MSP’s can set their own timeframe that works for them.

Well the core instance would be if I respond to a user at 5pm and they leave for the day, and I am waiting for a response tomorrow. Or if it was a Friday now I am expecting a response in 48 hours. Holidays could affect this too. It’s really similar to someone closing down a ticket being worked, except with tickets you have the ability to open them back up again as one object. With chat it wouldn’t work that way.

Ok, makes sense on the function vs the notification in regard to closing chats.