Automatic reply from client wipes "Additional CC's"


Curious to see if anyone else has had an issue when sending emails to clients. I will have about four additional CC’d individuals, but if someone is away at work and sends an automated response, it wipes the CC’s.

Is this an issue within Syncro? Or somewhere else?


Just to add some more context to this. When one of the “Additional CC’ed” users respond to the ticket it does not kick out everyone from the CC list. When an automatic reply is sent in response on the ticket, that is when it kicks out my CC’d individuals from the ticket.

This is a known issue and it really needs to be fixed. I have been asking about this for at least two years.


I am surprised that this is a known issue, this has not been addressed and the amount of people that have not commented made me think it was something I had done, or the way something was setup on my end. Thank you for clarifying this is a bigger issue.

I thought this was fixed, I could have sworn I seen someone not reply all and the CCs didn’t get wiped.

We haven’t made any changes here.

Is this something to be addressed in the future? It seems to only happen when one of the CC’d individuals have an “away message” sent and you got an “Out of Office” reply. Then it kicks everyone who was previously cc’d in the ticket.

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FYI, I have an Exchange rule that looks for all the out of office reply type messages and just deletes them before forwarding them on to Syncro. I have also started doing this with other emails that come from Syncro that I find useless and just clutter my mailbox, like the “Tickets Due Tomorrow” emails.

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