Automatic Payment

Is there a way to set up automatic payment for a customer?

Yeah, Part of the invoices module. Go to invoices, near the top right you’ll see a drop down button, “Invoice Modules”. You can see recurring schedules there and payments made.

I already have my invoices as recurring. I have a customer who would like her invoice to automatically paid once it is issued. I don’t see anywhere to do that.

That’ll be on the Recurring Invoice Template, if you have a payment processor enabled and the customer has a saved payment profile (see the customer page) then the following option will appear when editing the template.

Awesome, thanks! Is there anyway to set up ACH debits or only Credit Card payments? Or would I need a debit card to do that?

You can set up ACH, Check Commerce is the correct provider via WorldPay. Currently, they are the only available provider for ACH.

Setup information can be found here: WorldPay Payment Integration

Is this something that they hope to improve on in the future? We cancelled our stripe account to set up World Pay with Syncro when we first moved our business over to Syncro, by World Pay was kind of archaic. It took them weeks to set up what we could in Stripe in a day… and they needed a mailed cancelled check for proof of a bank account. We don’t even have checks. I hope that moving forward you would offer this with other integrated companies as well, since Stripe does accept ACH payments, they can also do them recurring if our invoicing is through them.

I haven’t heard any news on that, there aren’t immediate plans at the least. I’d recommend adding a feature request for ACH through Stripe here: Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community

Ok, will do. Thanks!

I asked about ACH through Stipe over a year ago and was told it was in the works. Nothing yet. It would be nice if Syncro would get it together with the Stripe integration - I program with the Stipe API on multiple custom ecommerce and membership websites, it wouldn’t be that difficult to get the ACH capabilities enabled in the invoicing module - they’ve already laid the groundwork with Credit Card payments.

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I don’t see the Auto charge credit card on file option. I have verified that my customer has stored their CC payment.

Welcome in! Which customer are you working on a recurring invoice for?

Either one that’s on a recurring invoice.

Looks like there are a number of recurring schedules in here. I went through all your customers that had one and none have a payment profile stored.

Once one is added from the customer page, the option to charge it should appear on the recurring invoice template.

Look at Francis Law, they have a stored CC.

The stored payment profile on their page is blank as well. I’ll get a ticket started for you so we can keep working on this and I can take a look at what you’re seeing.