Automatic ACH payments Using Stripe

I would love for there to be more integration with Stripe. I have a customer who would like automatic payments, we’re integrated with Stripe (WorldPay was too old school for us), we can do them via credit card but not ACH with bank acounts. It would nice if there was more integration with other payment companies.


I agree with this. I just set up a Stripe account and would like to be able to accept ACH payments. Stripe is capable of this and here are the instructions.
Accept an ACH Direct Debit payment | Stripe Documentation
Please include this in the integration with Syncro. Currently World pay is the only option and I can’t even get a call back from them. Syncro even tried to get them to call and nothing. I have no desire to work with a company that will not call to assist or provide information on their services.

status updated to planned/in-progress

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Any updates on this? Would love to have a modern merchant account provider. Worldpay and Check Commerce are stealing money from us

+1 Yes please! We finally got signed up with WorldPay (took months to get them to call us back), but their turn around time on ACH payments is surprisingly slow.

Do they have a date set for when this will occur?

I would also like to know when we can get support for Stripe ACH.

+1 for stripe ACH pretty please add this asap

Any updates on this?

This work was paused. We are researching other announcements that may allow us to support additional providers in the future.

Here was the official announcement: February 2023 Product Update from Syncro’s new CTO

Just read the update, very disappointed about this along with the many others.