Automated Response after ticket creation

I just had an idea and wanted to see what you guys thought about this.

When a ticket comes in via email or the contact form, the customer / contact gets a ticket created email with the ticket number, etc, but they are so used to this first email that they don’t read the information anymore, it’s like pavlov’s dog.

What I would like to have happen is the contact get an additional email 30 mins or an hour after that which says I have looked at the ticket and am investigating and will be in touch with them soon. I was thinking about automating this so tickets don’t hang out in the New status for longer than an hour, which could mean I use an automation to change the status and send back an email. Or, I could leave them as New and when I read the ticket notes, I can just set the ticket status to Investigating, but this would mean I have to create another ticket status to set to because I would want it to eventually land on the Investigating status.

Basically, I want to automate this reply as much as possible so I don’t have to type the same canned response every time, I just want to either let it automatically do it, because after an hour I have at least already looked at the ticket notes, or, I could change the status once I actually do look at the notes and then let the canned response email go.

Anyone do anything like this now?