Automated Remediaton


I am trying to create an automated remediation where:

  • when our servers are offline

the following actions are to be taken as soon as they DO go offline:

  1. Create a ticket
  2. Email all technicians

What I have done:

  1. I have created an Automated Remediation where:
    -The trigger Category is agent_offline_trigger (Agent Offline)
  • Asset Custom Field is ticked (It’s a checkbox)
  1. The same Automated remediation with the same trigger where:
  • Asset Name is ‘Asset Name’ (Not called Asset Name literally)

The automated remediation has only worked when the ONLY condition contains Trigger Category is agent_offline_trigger. But that’s not what we want as we only want to have them work on our servers.

Please help! I am very newbie but am happy to learn how to script this.


That sounds like it should work fine, you might need to get support involved. Personally I have different policies for servers so i would use a condition for ‘policy folder contains’ rather than having to check box all the servers manually. Or use ‘asset OS type’ is all servers’

Ohh! Thank you :smiley: Yes, we also have our servers under one policy folder! Will try this out and update the thread.

Thanks Isaac!


I got a solution! Here’s what I did:

-For all customers, I put in all the assets in a policy folder named ‘servers’ and made sure their policy would have a offline alerts after 1 minute.

The conditions were:
When there is an offline trigger, send emails and sms a mobile.

If you do happen to get stuck when creating an automated remediation. Try deleting your current work and recreate it!

Thanks again for the help!