Automate Setting Labor Rates to Specific Tickets

Hi all,

Fairly new Syncro user/administrator here, looking for some guidance.

Our customers have various rates assigned to helpdesk requests. As it is now, when a ticket is made, we have to select which rate we want the ticket time entries and communications set to.

Is there a way to automate setting specific labor “service/part” entries to incoming tickets for specific contracts, SLAs, or something identifiable in Syncro?

The goal is to reduce technician error when new tickets come in, and increase efficiency when invoicing. Thanks!


I don’t believe so, but you can create contracts with price overrides so that it will automatically adjust the labor item that’s selected. I believe there’s just one global default labor item in admin settings, but no other overrides that I have seen.

@Jimmie That’s actually what we used to do. We haven’t fully migrated to any other way to do this, so the old way is still in place.

The challenge with using price overrides is that “discounted” appears in the invoice.

Do you know of a way around that “discounted” message in the invoices?


I don’t, and this is the only thing I found on the topic.

This might give us some guidance on the topic. And if needed, we might stick with setting up separate rates and contracts per customer to keep it clean. Still exploring options at this point.

If you set a value in “Customize Text for Ticket Timer Charges” and all of you timer entries have a text value you’ll get that instead of the default shows in the ticket under “Add/View Charges” option.

The setting: ( > Additional Settings)

How it looks in a ticket:

What it ends up like in the invoice: